Shen Yun Shows French Audiences in Nice What True Art Is


Audience members discovered Shen Yun Performing Arts in the south of France, in Nice, on Saturday, March 30. Tickets were sold out two months before show time.

“This artistic expression is truly both spiritual and visibly very divine,” said Timur Aksakal, Sales Manager South-East Region at SUEZ. “The Shen Yun show for that is a real concentration of all that China can offer us in the most beautiful way.”

“It is a feeling that cannot be described, it is divine,” said Hormoz Heydari, Manager of a real estate agency in the Brussels area. “It’s really divine! The dancing, the music, the orchestra… It’s incredible. Unbelievable.” “I encourage everyone, at least once in their lives, to come and see what I have seen. It’s magical.

“It’s a show you absolutely must see. That’s fabulous. It’s part of the dream,” said Hervé Boucherie, Director at Compagnie Monégasque de Banque. “It’s part of the dream and you go out like a little cloud, it’s splendid, you don’t think about anything when you’re in front of this fabulous show.”

“It’s a very strong show, because it’s not just beautiful,” said Claire Chapellier, Speaker at Cannes University. “It says very strong things. If we were to return to essential values, therefore love and tolerance, if we want, and others obviously too, the world would be as we want it and we could live, while now you feel that it’s going to burst.”

When the audience experienced the performance, they were captivated by the spirit of the dancers. The ladies’ graceful hand movements and the men’s powerful strides along with the live music brought them a little closer to understanding the essence of traditional Chinese culture.

“It is the heart that speaks and I think it can only bring happiness when you leave here,  for several weeks, several months, said Boucherie. “It’s a show you can’t forget. Next year I will come back with great pleasure.”

“Really well done, because you join the spiritual, the intellectual, the body, and the beauty. When we are in beauty, we become, how to tell you, because it is beautiful, we become much more easily sensitive to the message that is given,” Chapellier added. One goes with the other. So congratulations. We’ll come back next year for a new show.”

NTD News, France