Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is “Out of This World”


NEW YORK—The performance called “The World Divinely Restored” began with a resonant gong transporting the audience to heaven. This piece is Michael Caspare’s favorite. Michael is the Senior Home Lending Advisor of Chase bank. He said the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s (SYSO) music brought him enlightenment.

“The world divinely restored was out of this world…” Michael said after watching the evening performance on Oct. 12. “It was like being with God. It was like listening to—just listening to God speak, is the best way that I could put it.”

Over the weekend, the SYSO successfully concluded its two performances at the Carnegie Hall in New York, each with two encores and three standing ovations.

“[It’s] some of the most beautiful, powerful sensual music,” said former conductor Gregory Johnson. “I love both of the conductors. It was really extraordinary.”

“It came into my heart, and it moved me internally,” said Chris Petallides, Owner of Petallides PE. “I was just riveted for the two hours I was there … I wanted to hear and feel more …”

“I know every kind of emotion that you can have, I felt it,” said Moora Vander Veken, an actress from Belgium. “I had goosebumps all over my body. I had tears. I had everything. It was for me a beautiful night.”

SYSO has a unique blend of the east and the west. Its original music brings audiences on a journey through 5000 years of Chinese civilization.

“That’s what we need. It’s the east and the west,” said Gregory. “I think the music set gives a whole different introduction to the world of the East.”

For many, it was not only the conductors that made a deep impression from beginning to the end, but they also admire the skills of each musician.

“My favorite is the Erhu. It was incredible,” added Gregory. “I love that sound. It’s the human voice, and it just cries out, and they did it so beautifully.”

“Oh my god, Especially the girl that played the violin—gorgeous,” said Chris. “I don’t know how anybody can remember so much in their mind; in their head, without reading, it is unbelievable. She’s, she’s tremendous, everybody is.”

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s next stop will be in Chicago on Oct. 19. Then to Boston on Oct. 25.

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