‘Shen Yun Was Really Amazing’, Says City Council Member


Struggling for the right words to describe the performance he just saw, Dr. Lee Monlezun settled for great.

“Color, dance, uniformity, grace,” said Dr. Lee J. Monlezun, owner of Lee J. Monlezun Jr. M.D., FACOG. “Yes, but the flow is so great and the movements are so fine.”

“The talent it’s outstanding,” said Mrs. Monlezun, the owner of Couture Trim. “The gracefulness and they’re just so much precision and they’re just beautifully, beautifully done. The movement is so smooth, and so much unity in the dancing, and acrobatics … it just a different approach that we do in classical ballet here,” she said. “I just absolutely loved it, this has been a real treat, we’re honored to have the troupe here. It’s wonderful.”

They attended Shen Yun Performing Arts on Jan. 2 at the Lake Charles Civic Center Rosa Hart Theatre. Dr. Monlezun said, he was particularly impacted by the meaning behind some of the scenes portrayed on stage.

“I love the stories. They tell the stories, but they tell the history of people and what was once theirs has been lost and they want to refine it. It’s got a history, it just isn’t one choreographer making up something new, it’s traditional it’s been there a long long time,” Dr. Monlezun added.

“It was really amazing, it really was to me. I am very impressed with it, you know,” said Skeeter Hayes, a council member in Westlake. “I know a lot of hard work they’ve put into it, and you can tell. And one other thing you can tell that they enjoy doing what they were doing.”

“[The performers were] very high energy, just creative, high-spirited, and that come through generated through to me, you know, ” said wife Mimi Hayes.”And I could tell by the applause from the others in the audience as well.”

NTD News, Lake Charles, Louisiana