‘A Really Magical Experience’ Shen Yun Impresses Audiences in Thousand Oaks, California

March 24, 2023

Shen Yun brought three performances to Thousand Oaks, California, on March 14 and 16. Audience members said it was magical.

“[It’s] one of the most phenomenal experiences. It’s emotional, it’s captivating, it’s visual,” said Actress Anne Judson-Yager. This was her third time seeing Shen Yun. “Every single bit of your senses is engaged. and I just love it.”

Mary Sullivan, an award-winning broadcast journalist, said seeing Shen Yun was a magical experience: “It was spectacular. I thought it was going to come to see some amazing dancing, but I learned so much about the Chinese culture and the spirituality interplayed with it.”

“I enjoyed the show with all my heart. It was beautiful. It was meticulous,” said Pamela Johnston, a ballet dancer and the owner of Pamela Johnston Dance Studio.

“From the opening act, I just felt joy and also sadness that China has lost this beautiful art. And I’m so glad that I have a chance to see it here in the United States,” said Michele Weslander Quaid, the founder and president of Sunesis Nexus.

Shen Yun artists perform top-level classical Chinese dance alongside a live orchestra and an animated backdrop. Theatergoers were impressed by the skills.

“The techniques were, like I say, absolutely perfect. I mean, their feet were pointed properly, their extensions, their moves were together, they had such great choreography,” said Ms. Johnston.

“Every single one of them is absolutely on point. And then every now and then you’ll catch one that is just perfect. The way that they catch themselves and their control of their bodies is just—you can tell it’s been years in the making for them,” Ms. Judson-Yager said.

“The talent, it was amazing, the dancing with the pots on the heads, the walking with those wooden like shoes, and just walking back and forth, moving the feet, but the upper body doesn’t seem to be moving at all. It was just amazing, the talent that was displayed tonight,” said attorney Dixon Kummer.

“From the minute the curtains opened, it was just so inspiring,” Ms. Sullivan said. “All the different colors, especially with the special effects, that was phenomenal. Everything tied together. And what was just amazing with the timing of going into the screen and coming out of the screen, and the dancers interweaving that mix, it was—I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Many said they felt a spiritual element throughout Shen Yun.

“I believe in that very much, that we’ve come from spirit, we’re here to create an experience, and then go back to spirit. So it was beautiful to see how cross-culturally, we all can think very similarly. And it would be nice if we could take all those ideals and be more in consensus with each other,” Ms. Sullivan said.

“I think truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance are beautiful. They are like the fruits of the spirit,” Ms. Johnston said.

“Not only the artistry of the dancers, but the message that I believe is trying to be put forward, and the music is wonderful. It was a very nice experience. I would encourage anybody to come, that hasn’t experienced it and experience it,” said Ed Rigsbee, who is the president of Rigsbee Enterprises, Inc.

“The fact that they continue to reinvent the show year after year, that’s spectacular. I can’t wait to see it again,” Ms. Sullivan said.

“Thank you for putting this together and for blessing people all around the United States with this beautiful artistic work,” Ms. Weslander Quaid said.

“My child and I see it as many times as we can, and every single year I am just elated to share it with my friends and family, and I tell everybody that they should go see it at least once, several times if you can,” Ms. Judson-Yager said.

Shen Yun is now performing in Northridge, California, and two cities in Florida: Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale.

NTD News, Thousand Oaks, California