Broadway Producer: ‘Exquisite’ Shen Yun Is ‘Imperative for Civilization to Continue’

May 3, 2023

Shen Yun delighted audiences with five performances in Stamford, Connecticut, from April 27 to 30.

“Oh, it’s absolutely wonderful. I loved it,” said Christopher Bielecki, a technical deployment services lead at KPMG US.

“The performance is spectacular. It’s really phenomenal. It’s beyond words,” said Fernando Alvarenga, the founder of Happy Code Club.

“Exceptional, uplifting, and full of hope,” said Stephen Belida, a theater actor and singer.

“They’re exquisite dancers. And the message is imperative for civilization to continue, in my opinion, and it needs to be spread far and wide. They’re beautiful, beautiful dancers, the music, the whole company, it’s just exquisite,” said Gwen Arment.

Gwen Arment is a Broadway producer who works on award-winning musicals. She praised Shen Yun’s vocalists and the meaning of their songs.

“Beautiful, wonderful singers,” she said.

“They were exquisite, [the] soprano, beautiful voice; and the tenor, he hit all the notes, he sang beautifully,” Mr. Belida said. “Great choices for the song. They bring a message of hope, perseverance.”

Audience members said they not only enjoyed the performance and were touched by its inner meaning.

“Message of goodness, the message of tradition, and how imperative that is not to buy into a lot of the new culture that we have in the world.” Ms. Arment said.

“Because we’re losing our values, we’re losing our human values, we’re losing love and tradition and humanity, and we have to hold on to it. And we have to elevate it,” she added.

“We have a common knowing that we come from God, that it’s the divine creation that he makes us know, and we have to return to that faith, into a relationship with the divine, with God. And that’s the only thing [that] is going to really make us happy in this life. So it’s true, the message came through beautifully,” Mr. Tufaro said.

“You see that there’s this beautiful, innate, and spiritual connection to our history through dance. It’s just profound,” Ms. Wilson said. “I think anyone that comes to see this can really be touched and influenced and impacted by the culture and story and can leave with that. And I think it’s profoundly changing, like life-changing in that sense.”

Theatergoers admired the techniques of Shen Yun’s artists.

“They were just magnificent. Not only that their bodies were perfectly trained, and with dance and gracefulness, but there’s soul and everything, the spirit just flew, and it’s beautiful. So thank you so much,” Mr. Tufaro said.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing and spread it far and wide. Don’t give up ever,” Ms. Arment said.

“You are all wonderful, you are just… You made my day, you made my day. So thank you. Thank you,” Mr. Belida said.

Shen Yun will perform in Newark, Detroit, and Rochester this weekend.

NTD News, Connecticut