COO Touched by Shen Yun’s Honesty

April 15, 2019

Chris Skaggs, COO of Soma Games, attended a performance at Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon. He didn’t know what to expect at his first Shen Yun performance.

“There’s so much energy that comes off these people, it’s just really impressive. The music, we were very surprised how much … I would have expected it was recorded. But for that all to be live, and so many different tunes, that was really good.”

Kelly Lovelace, a former candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives, traveled 130 miles to see Shen Yun in Portland.

“You feel the feelings I mean … you’re part of the show and you enjoy it. You really do. I truly enjoyed it,” he said. “I’m glad I came. It’s worth every minute of time it took to get here, and worth the costs.”

“I think it’s marvelous,” said Frank Suranyi, an anesthesiologist. “I’ve never seen a production in which the backdrop is a digital format. So I think that’s very unique rather than changing out the props to have the digital, which was interactive with the actual performers. I thought that was spectacular.”

“The musical tones have a very uplifting … they’re probably in one of those very positive keys,” said Matt Reed, a general surgeon at The Portland Clinic. “The beauty of the orchestra is that it blends in so well, you don’t notice it so much. Unless the dancers are gone for a moment and you hear the music. It’s outstanding.”

“The willingness to in today’s world to show the higher power of life, and that’s a great thing,” said Lovelace.

Much of traditional Chinese culture is divinely inspired. And is carried in the hearts of those with spiritual beliefs, such as Falun Dafa practitioners. But in China, those people are looked down upon and are persecuted for their beliefs.

“I think it was called ‘Goodness in the Face of Evil,’ that particular number genuinely made me cry, it was a beautiful number,” said Skaggs. “And then the cost of it all and the sacrifice but then the healing at the end, I loved that. It impacted me very much.”

“I think we as Americans need to see more of that. I don’t think we’ll quite understand it here in the States given our freedoms. But I think it’s good to know what goes on the other side of the planet,” said Suranyi.

“A lot of people I think in America, are very shy to say anything with a faith based background or political background,” said Skaggs. “And so the honesty, some really struck me. I appreciated that a lot.

NTD News, Portland, Oregon