Seattle Business Owners Enjoy the Cultural Performance

April 9, 2019

Bret Fredericksen, a manager at Symetra, attended a Shen Yun performance with his niece on April 7. He decided to conclude her spring break with a cultural experience.

“It’s a great production, it’s fast paced. You see the different cultures, different times, different scenes, from restaurants to the fields in Mongolia, so it’s a nice pace,” he said. “Nice history, beautiful costuming, great dancing. I like the background of the different dancers and the different disciplines of the dancing too.”

“It’s outstanding. I’ve never been to something like this before and I thought it was great. Everything about it. The music, the dance routines, the long sleeve dance, that was awesome,” said Lloyd Stevens, owner of LTS Construction.

“One of the last pieces about communism and how there’s sort of thought control, I didn’t realize how vast that was, I didn’t realize that it was for many faiths, or any faith, other than communism,” said Louisa Benitez, owner of Bradbury Real Estate.

She was referring to the persecution of a meditation group called Falun Dafa depicted in the performance. Its practitioners never gave up their belief even during the darkest of times.

“We often look for a sort of a benign colorless storyline that has to do with Romeo meeting Juliet, or two falling in love, or someone dreaming,” said Benitez. “But to see a current event like that, that is such a struggle, it’s really powerful.”

“You can’t get something like this over the screen. The production’s phenomenal. To see it live, the colors and just the movement is phenomenal,” said Fredericksen.

NTD News, Seattle, Washington