Shen Yun Amazes Audience in Long Beach, California

March 28, 2023

Shen Yun made a stop in Long Beach, California, bringing three performances to the stage on March 18 and 19. Audiences called the skills of the artists superb.

“Amazing! I love the costumes I love—just the control. But yeah, it was such beauty and the precision together, look the costumes bring everything to life as far as the way they put things together, [it] brings the steps and the choreography … just vibrant, I love it,” said Kimberly Esslinger, a former choreographer and the owner of Esslinger Solution.

“I found it very enticing, I enjoyed much of it. I don’t know much of China’s history but what how they depicted this evening was wonderful, I was very captivated,” said Marshall Arthur Muto, the owner of Move-intuit LLC.

“All of them were superb. I mean, just I appreciated the variety of all the performances. But uniformly they were all excellent, regardless of region, or era or whatnot. It was very well done,” said Paul Vidal, the head of operations at GrayMatter Robotics.

“Absolutely loved it. I was very pleased with it. And then when I realized the spiritual nature of it, I liked it even more,” said Rosalind Russell, the CEO and director of R Star Foundation.

From legends to myths, Shen Yun presents China’s 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture. Audience members said Shen Yun well-portrayed the spiritual element.

“Oh, I love it. That’s probably my favorite part right there, is that it really touched something inside me that I’m looking to cultivate and I try to work on on a daily basis. So that’s what I really appreciated the most is that, that’s where I felt those undercurrents,” Mr. Muto said. “Good character traits and leaning into virtuous living or something to that effect. And that was the undertones, it was to live virtuously, as to the Creator. That’s kind of what I took from it this evening.”

“We are here in this Earth in this life for a purpose that God created. And they’re portraying that beautifully,” Ms. Esslinger said.

Theatrgoers also thanked Shen Yun for the experience.

“Oh, I can’t wait to go next year because there’s going to be completely different performances. I would highly recommend this because it was very watchable,” Mr. Vidal said. “I thought it would be hard to ask for a better show. It far exceeded my expectations. My expectations were high.”

“These were seriously excellent. The costuming, the music, all of it was excellent. I’m glad I came, sorry I waited so long,” Ms. Russell said.

“Thank you for all the hard work that you put into it. I appreciate the time and the effort, it can definitely shine through to this evening,” Mr. Muto said. “Definitely go out and see Shen Yun.”

This season, Shen Yun will end its global performances in May.

NTD News, Long Beach, California