Shen Yun Brings ‘Divine Spark’ on US Tour

January 27, 2023

Shen Yun Performing Arts is touring the world with a mission to revive lost Chinese culture. Audiences appreciated the universal values that Shen Yun shows.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, choreographer Tondalaya Pearson appreciated the skills of Shen Yun’s artists. “It was nothing less than inspiring to see the effortless technique. The lighting, the set, the costuming—all of it altogether was just, it was incredible,” she said.

“Clearly these people spend a lot of time and effort on working hard on their craft and working hard on their skills. I can see the community on the stage between the dancers, and I appreciate that,” she added.

“The beauty of some of the ancient dance that’s espoused in the dancers, really wonderful, wonderful to see,” said prosthodontist John Murrell from Raleigh.

He agrees with the virtues that the performance shows.

“Truth, compassion, and tolerance or forbearance. And those are important virtues in life. In health professions, we need that to help support our patients, something [that has] always been very dear to my heart,” he said.

“Focus on those virtues is outstanding to have. And I think Shen Yun helps bring that to the public, that sometimes I think is lost. And that’s a message not just for any one country, but a message for every country.”

In Oklahoma City, actress Melissa Maricich was impressed by the artists’ unity.

“They’re all just incredible, incredibly skilled artists and performers themselves. That takes years and years to do the things that they make look so easy,” she said. “And the thing I’ve honestly enjoyed the most actually, they’re each individually so beautiful, but they work together so beautifully. And that is far harder.”

She added that Shen Yun’s stories inspired her. “It’s easy to forget how special a human being is, we take it for granted. We have a spirit, we have an intellect, and we have a body, and we’re a whole composite. And this reminds us of our divine spark.”

“The athleticism and the culture, phenomenal,” said Peter Jones from Columbus, Georgia, who is the president of the National Infantry Museum Foundation.

“This is not an easy feat to jump in the air almost at six and seven feet, 12 times—that takes work of art, athleticism, and commitment, and it’s very moving,” he said.

Mr. Jones was moved by Shen Yun’s mission. “What moved me is both the culture that’s there and the fact that you’re bringing culture that has been suppressed. And the fact that there’s a spirit behind the performers, but at the same time, a storytelling that tells the truth.”

He added that the values that Shen Yun shows are universal.

“I liked the spirituality, but also the fact that tolerance is involved no matter what religion,” he said.

“From every perspective and every angle, you come with it and you see a different lens about values that are, irregardless of nation or culture, that are universal.”

The group is performing in six cities the weekend of Jan. 28 and 29, including Washington, D.C., and Memphis.