Shen Yun Shows the Virtue of Chinese People and Chinese Culture: Think Tank VP

April 22, 2019

J. Michael Waller, is a national security expert and vice president of government relations at the Washington-based think tank Center for Security Policy.

He watched Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington on April 17, and appreciated that this performance shows true Chinese traditional culture and its virtue.

“Shen Yun is such an inspiring performance to give us glimpses of the different dynasties in Chinese history, and the supernatural parts of Chinese culture, and these things that were not exposed to,” Waller said. “And the great beauty and the precision of Chinese culture that we don’t see that, we just see what the Communist Party wants us to see. So Shen Yun is cutting right through that.”

“Since the Communist Party pretends to speak for China, but it just speaks for itself and for the organized criminal gang that it’s become. So this shows the virtue of the Chinese people, of the virtue of Chinese culture,” he added. “The kindness, the hardships that they keep coming back from the hardships. And I really liked how they showed the difficulties in ancient times, then the communist secret police today that are still doing terrible things to millions of Chinese people.”

Michael believes that the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression, corruption, crime, violence, and other evils have destroyed the image of China, and hopes that people will see the real beauty of the Chinese culture.

“Everybody should see this,” he said. “I brought my daughters to the last performance I want to bring them again.”

NTD News, Washington