Shen Yun Was a Revival of the Senses for the Mayor of Heath in Texas

Shen Yun Was a Revival of the Senses for the Mayor of Heath in Texas
Shen Yun Performance Album(NTD Television)
January 13, 2020

Dancers of Shen Yun Performing Arts graced the stage at Winspear Opera House, Dallas AT&T Performing Arts Center, to spread the real story of China through classical Chinese dance.

“It’s wonderful; they do a great job … It’s excellent, they’re wonderful. I mean everything in sync; everything is just perfect, said Kelson Elam, Mayor of the City of Heath. “You can tell they work at their craft very hard.”

Artist Gloria Hood and retired physician David Watson both thought Shen Yun was very eye-catching.

“It was like a piece of art; it was beautiful. I’m a color artist, and I loved the colors of every costume, everything, the movement, it was just all a masterpiece, it was a piece of art, it was beautiful,” the painter said.

The design of Shen Yun’s costumes and colors holds true to traditional aesthetics and styles, according to the company’s website. The colors and details of the costumes are meant to “breathe fresh life” into Shen Yun’s performance, which in turn rejuvenated the artist.

“Oh, the colors were eye-catching. I mean, it just brought you to life. It was a performance that you can’t get enough of it was just eye-catching I loved it, I could sit through it again and again, it was just beautiful,” Hood said.

Watson said, “I loved the blend of the music and the movement, it told a story, I loved the story. Well, the story is somewhat sad. However, to me, to see this beauty that cannot be expressed that seems to be suppressed, I see the artists expressing that, and expressing the loss that they feel for their homeland.”

NTD News, Dallas, Texas