Single mom working as a bartender gets a generous tip to buy a new laptop for her studies!

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January 12, 2017Stories
Single mom working as a bartender gets a generous tip to buy a new laptop for her studies!

Finding an expensive possession stolen when you need it the most and on top of it if your finances are tight, makes a real challenging struggle. Its indeed a miracle if one gets support and help in right time!

Mom of a two-year old daughter, Ebonii Green, is preparing for her nursing school studies by working as a bartender at a restaurant in South Carolina’s Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

The 26-year-old young mom, found it hard to manage her finances when her laptop was stolen near Christmas, as a student starting nursing school, she also needed to finance her classes and study online.


One day, a passenger waiting for his delayed flight came in the bar to have something to eat. Ebonii started a conversation with that customer and they kept talking for sometime, sharing their likes and stuff.

Like it came so naturally, she ended up telling him about her life and recent struggle. After paying the bill the customer left.

Ebonii was just stunned and surprised when she saw her tip. The kind-hearted person not only left her a tip of $300 but also a note saying – “enjoy the laptop.”


Ebonii said that she had to hold back tears and try to compose herself, and that a coworker even asked her if he had left no tip at all!

She said that she didn’t get a chance to thank the customer, but she will try to locate him as she knows his name.

“Hopefully I will have that degree by 2018,” Ebonii said in the video.

Selfless acts of love and kindness does make all the difference – let us try to spread the joy of unconditional love to all!

Watch the video below!