Ski Duo Race Down 13,500-Foot Glacier Summit

By Amy Tang

Ever thought of skiing down the face of the Swiss Alps, in a race?

The film “Race the Face” is coming out on Dec. 7.

Featuring Jérémie Heitz and Daron Rahlves, the documentary tells the story of an accomplished skier and filmmaker challenging his idol, who is a former ski world championship winner, to a giant slalom course kicking off at the 13,546-foot (4,129-meter) summit of Hobberghorn, according to Red Bull.

The idea of the film came to Heitz while he was filming “La Liste,” a stunning documentary that captured his journey through tackling the toughest slopes in the Alps.

Daron Rahlves he accepted Heitz’s challenge immediately upon hearing the news from his team manager.

“This is kind of nuts–it’s basically a ski race down a big Alpine face,” said the 12-time World Cup winner.

However, he explained that he had never skied a run like it, and considered the dangers too.

“When you face something new, you start feeling some fear of what the consequences can be, you figure out what the risks are and then and calculate those risk[s],” said Rahlves.

The project took some time and preparation to pull off. The perfect snow condition was not easy to come by.

A drone filmed every move of the two competitors. Rahlves clocked a time of 26.440, and Heitz 27.720. A difference of 1.28 seconds.

Heitz, who is regarded as one of the fastest free skiers in the world, was not displeased with the result.

“I knew I couldn’t fight against a Kitzbühel winner!” said Heitz.