Small girl stops thief on the run — Better don’t mess with a martial arts fighter

Being a thief is never advantageous, either you get what you want, being bedeviled by your remorse or you get caught right away …

In his case the thief got what he was after and started running, until a school girl grabbed a bar from a nearby store and stopped him abruptly. The CCTV system of the store captured the incident and the footage was postet on the internet shortly after.

As it is with these short clips from Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, people are pretty fast raising concerns. Neither do we want to judge nor saying it is true, but we will collect some evidence that could possibly show if it’s fake or not.

There are at least four signs of it being staged: First of all, why is there a single piece of wood/iron/metal in front of the platform for the girl to grab? Second reason is that after the first hit, the thief lost its loot. Why did he let it go at all? Or at least why did he stay instead of running away.

The third indicator for it being not 100% real is that the victim don’t do anything to get her bag back and maybe the most important sign, why are there empty boxes for the thief to land on after the final hit?

We wont keep you from watching the short clip below, but with these signs in mind maybe you slow the footage down using the settings on the bottom right corner and take a close look yourself.