Social Justice Movement Silent on Antisemitic Attacks: Charles Mizrahi

We discuss the current wave of antisemitic attacks in the United States and around the world with Charles Mizrahi, host of the Charles Mizrahi Show Podcast.

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) reports that during the two weeks of fire between Hamas and Israel, antisemitic incidents rose by 75 percent compared to the two weeks prior, from 127 reports to 222.

These aren’t victimless crimes. There have been attacks on random Jewish people in New York, LA, and other cities. In Brooklyn, a synagogue and Jewish school were set on fire and a teen was put in a chokehold for refusing to repeat antisemitic slurs. In Florida a man dumped human feces in front of a synagogue.

Online it’s been the same. During those same two weeks, the ADL collected some 17,000 tweets with some version of “Hitler was right.”

And while the situation is extremely alarming, the alarm bells don’t seem to be ringing. As we discuss with Mizrahi, absent are the mass movements of support saying, “All Jewish Lives Matter.”

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