Solomon Islands: Won’t Sign US Summit Declaration

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
September 28, 2022China in Focusshare

The Biden administration is working to rally Pacific island leaders. But this week, that effort met with a setback as the Solomon Island reportedly said it would not sign a joint declaration the U.S. will soon unveil.

President Joe Biden is hosting a dozen leaders from Pacific countries on Wednesday and Thursday. The forum is the first of its kind and comes as Washington and the Chinese regime compete for influence in the region.

Beijing has made major advances in recent years.

The Solomon Islands broke its long-standing diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 2019. Earlier this year, the nation struck a security pact with the Chinese Communist regime. That deal allows more Chinese security presence in the country. It stoked fear in the west that China may eventually operate a military base there—just a thousand miles from Australia’s coast.

According to Reuters, the Solomon Islands sent a note to the Pacific Islands Forum, telling other members it wouldn’t sign the U.S.-proposed declaration and that it needs more time to consider the matter.

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