Some Call For In-N-Out Burger Boycott, Others Celebrate Company

Some people began calling for a boycott of the popular fast-food restaurant In-N-Out after it was discovered on Aug. 27, that the company donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party.

Journalist Gabe Schneider found the public filing of the company’s contribution and posted a photo of it on his Twitter page on Aug. 29.

Eric Bauman, chair of the California Democratic Party, also sent out a tweet on Aug. 29, saying, Et tu In-N-Out? …it’s time to #BoycottInNOut.”

Some people posted on Twitter saying they agreed with the boycott.

Others said they had every intention of continuing to go to the restaurant. Some even hoped a potential boycott would make the notoriously long lines at In-N-Out shorter.

On Aug. 30, the California Democratic Party’s communications director John Vigna clarified that Bauman had been sharing “just his personal view” and the party wasn’t calling for an official boycott, according to Los Angeles Times.

In-N-Out released a statement saying the company contributes to both Democratic and Republican Political Action Committees, as well as organizations that prevent child abuse, human trafficking, and substance addiction.

In 2018, In-N-Out Burger has made equal contributions to both Democratic and Republican Political Action Committees in the State of California. For years, In-N-Out Burger has supported lawmakers who, regardless of political affiliation, promote policies that strengthen California and allow us to continue operating with the values of providing strong pay and great benefits for our Associates. It is actually far more important to In-N-Out and our Foundations to support our communities by contributing millions of dollars to hundreds of organizations in California to prevent child abuse, human trafficking and substance addiction. We have been fortunate to do business in this great state for almost 70 years. While it is unfortunate that our contributions to support both political parties in California has caused concern with some groups, we believe that bipartisan support is a fair and consistent approach that best serves the interests of our company and all of our Customers. Arnie Wensinger, Executive Vice President In-N-Out Burger
— Arnie Wensinger, executive vice president, In-N-Out Burger

Public filings show the company has also contributed to the California Republican Party in past years, according to Los Angeles Times. The family-owned business has long held strong Christian views and prints references to Bible verses on its food packaging.

Founded in 1948 in Baldwin Park, the restaurant chain has become an iconic staple for many Californians and long lines can be seen at almost every hour of the day. Now with more than 300 locations, it can also be found in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.

In-N-Out has kept nearly the same menu for decades and has strict quality standards, such as fresh beef only, never frozen. The company also refuses to allow franchises or go public.

From The Epoch Times