Baby needs a liver transplant urgently, parents lose hope, then miracle happens

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January 10, 2017Stories
Baby needs a liver transplant urgently, parents lose hope, then miracle happens

Five-month-old Daniel’s condition was extremely serious. He would need a liver transplant urgently. Dr. Jeffry put the little one on a donor list but had to take him off the list immediately. What exactly happened?

Daniel was five-month-old in December 2016, when his mother, Melody McCabe traveled with him to the Children’s Hospital in Chicago. The baby suffered from biliary atresia, that led to a rare abnormality in his liver’s bile ducts.

The child’s skin was becoming yellow due to the abnormality. His parents were extremely anxious, he was only eight pounds, was malnourished and none of the surgical procedures worked on him.

According to a report on Inside Edition, his anxious, loving parents were extremely worried when they came to know that their little bundle of joy requires a liver transplant to survive.

Getting a liver that matches your type is not easy and Melody anticipated that she would have to spend many months in the hospital, everyday praying for Daniel’s well being, praying for a donor whose liver would match her baby’s.

Dr. Jeffrey Brown added Danile to the donor list and then immediately after that had to scrap his name from the list. It was that quick! According to the report, just in 40 minutes, Dr. Brown found a matching donor. He was awestruck and couldn’t utter a word when he walked into the hospital room and Melody thought she was about to hear a bad news.

“He told me, ‘Daniel was listed [on the donor registry] this morning,'” McCabe remembered. “Then he said, ‘He has a liver.'”

Watch this video of hope and share Melody’s joy with your loved ones. Her baby is safe!