Son of Bernie Sanders Loses New Hampshire Congressional Primary

By Bowen Xiao

Levi Sanders, the son of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who touted similar policy positions to his father’s during his congressional campaign, lost his bid for one of New Hampshire’s two U.S. House seats on Sept. 11.

Sanders, 49, lost by a wide margin, finishing seventh in a field of 11 Democratic primary candidates. According to BallotPedia, Sanders had garnered 1,141 votes by the time of writing, while the winner, Chris Pappas, had 26,875 votes.

Sanders, who had much less name recognition than his father, had been widely seen as an underdog in the race, particularly since his father had declined to endorse him, saying that his family doesn’t believe in “dynastic politics.” However, in a statement earlier this year, Bernie Sanders did offer support to his son, adding that he was “proud.”

“Levi has spent his life in public service to low-income and working families, and I am very proud of all that he has done. Levi is running his own campaign in his own way,” Bernie Sanders said.

He added that Levi supports far-left socialist policies such as implementing a $15 an hour minimum wage, Medicare for all, and higher taxes for the wealthy.

On the day of the vote, the younger Sanders lamented his party’s current political stance on Twitter.

“Vote for me in the #NHPrimary today. The DNC platform is not progressive enough. You can’t take blue collar workers for granted… we’ve got to listen to the socioeconomic concerns of the working class,” he wrote.

Aside from not receiving an endorsement from his father, the younger Sanders only managed to raise just under $40,000 for his political bid, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Meanwhile, Pappas raised about $823,289 for his campaign.

Sanders had previously attempted to separate himself from his family. “I’m not a clone of my father,” he said in an August profile with The New York Times.

From The Epoch Times