South Koreans Express Support for President Trump

By Jeremy Sandberg

SEOUL, South Korea—On President Trump’s recent visit to South Korea, locals held a rally to show their support.

South Koreans expressed their thoughts about President Donald Trump and how they felt about his visiting the country.

“Every historical event has a small beginning,” said Lee Jae Bok, a local resident. “So this is very meaningful.”

He said the Republic of Korea’s people remember the United States’s help in to protecting their freedom in the Korean War.

“70-80 percent of South Korean people don’t forget our alliance with the United States and our gratitude,” said Oh Young-Hak, a pastor. “South Korea feels gratitude for the United States. We can’t forget that 40,000 American soldiers died and 150,000 soldiers were buried.”

Citizens said they were surprised to hear that President Trump entered North Korea at the demilitarized zone.

Looking ahead, the South Koreans present say they are hoping for a peaceful reconciliation.