Spain Audience: Shen Yun ‘A Visual Poem’


Shen Yun Performing Arts finished four performances in Sant Cugat, Spain.

“First of all, the colors. I think the explosion of colors is amazing. Another thing that I also enjoyed a lot was the elegance of the movements,” said Aldo Ciprián, spokesman of Ciudadanos en Sant Cugat (Citizens in Sant Cugat). “And lastly, what blew me away is the coordination of the dancers, with ten, twelve people sharing the stage and totally coordinated movements between them.”

“It’s really like a visual poem, because in a world so destroyed, so vicious, so biased, so unbalanced, to see something that, from an aesthetic point of view, is so harmonious, so perfect,” said Jordi Villalonga, president of the Barcelona Poetry Association.

Ancient Chinese culture placed great emphasis on the divine. Shen Yun aims to keep this tradition alive today, portraying values such as faith, benevolence, and respect for the divine.

Audience members said the performance was spiritually inspiring.

“In fact, thanks to this show, we can remember that one way to liberate the spirit is through art, through the show, through culture,” said Rafael Prado, a lawyer. “And remember that not all problems are problems and that one way to solve problems is through the art and the artistic preparation that these dancers have. The truth is that I am very pleased to be here.”

“They are artists who transmit a very clear message to humanity, that is: that we are divine, we are divine! And that’s a message that I think is revealing,” said Cristina Riva, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

“It seems to me that it is, I think it is ‘evocative,’ isn’t it? And paraphrasing Napoleon, I humbly say that when Shen Yun dances, the world will be moved,” she added. “Thank you very much.”

Shen Yun is now performing in France and will be back in Spain at the end of February.

NTD News, Sant Cugat, Spain

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