Star of Netflix Documentary ‘Jailbirds’ Megan ‘Monster’ Hawkins Back in Jail

By Tiffany Meier

Megan “Monster” Hawkins, one of the female inmates featured in the recently released Netflix documentary series “Jailbirds,” was arrested for multiple charges and booked into jail again, police say.

The Elk Grove Police Department said they responded to suspicious activity at a bank on Friday, May 17.

The Elk Grove Police Department said in a statement that “the bank told our call taker that a female was inside the bank trying to open a checking and savings account with an identification card, not in her name.”

“The bank became suspicious and called us after a witness recognized the female as Megan ‘Monster’ Hawkins from the Netflix show Jailbirds. Before officers arrived, Hawkins walked out of the bank to an unknown location.

“Officers arrived on scene and learned the vehicle Hawkins had driven to the bank was a reported stolen vehicle. Officers located Hawkins a short distance away and detained her. A search of the reported stolen vehicle led to the discovery of several credit cards in different people’s names. A search of Hawkins’s property led to the discovery of a controlled substance.

“Hawkins was arrested for various charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, unlawful use of personal identifying information, and violation of probation. Hawkins was transported to the main jail.”

The 29-year-old is now facing several charges and has been booked into Sacramento County Jail with bail set at $55,000, according to jail records obtained by CBS13.

Her next court date is set for Tuesday, May 21, at 1:30 p.m.

In the Netflix documentary series, Hawkins said that she served 180 days in Sacramento County Jail for grand theft auto, transporting narcotics, possession of a controlled substance, check fraud, and committing a felony while on bail, according to Distractify.

In a previous interview with CBS13, Hawkins said she wanted to stop people from making the same choices she did.

“I can’t thank them enough for wanting to talk to me because it’s helped changed my life,” she said. “I want so badly to be happy again and I feel like it’s so far away.”

In the Netflix trailer, she said she wouldn’t “wish jail on anybody.”

Describing the series as “better than like the reality TV of the Kardashians,” Hawkins told CBS13 that she understands the fascination with the show.

“Society likes excitement,” she said. “The good and the bad.”

Meanwhile, she described being in jail as being “caged like an animal. It’s really what it is.”