Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Alexander Calls on Senators to Reject Biden Vote

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
December 12, 20202020 Election

WASHINGTON—Ali Alexander started organizing “Stop the Steal” rallies in 2018, and they have become a rapidly widespread movement across the country since the presidential election. Since Election Day, people have been protesting at capitals in all 50 states, petitioning the government for fair elections and transparent counting. On Dec. 12, large crowds gathered at the nation’s capital for multiple marches and rallies.

“I think we are making history,” Alexander said in front of a “Let the Church Roar” rally at the National Mall. “Today is when we are deciding whether our government is legitimate or illegitimate.”

“I don’t have a speech as much as we have a warning to the establishment. We will shut this country down. We believe in some good trouble. Maybe some Make America Great Again trouble, right? Our truckers will shut down the city. We will build an Occupy DC full of patriots here, won’t we?” he said. Alexander said it doesn’t matter if the media, Democrats, or Republicans start calling Joe Biden the president-elect, because he is not, and most of the people rallying in Washington wouldn’t stand for his presidency.

“Stop the Steal is never going to stop. We know that Monday is a special day but guess what, if heaven forbid, these falsely certified elections force the college to select Joe Biden, we just need to find us one brave senator, don’t we?” Alexander said, referring to Congressman Mo Brooks’s statement that he would object to House certifying the vote for Joe Biden.

“We need some of his colleagues to join him, don’t we? We expect some of his colleagues to join him, don’t we?” he said. “Or we will throw them out of office.”

Alexander had a warning for the Republican legislators, and he received vocal support from the crowd. “If one of these Senators do not join Mo Brooks, we will burn the Republican Party down and we will make something new. Because I believe in the USA,” he said. “The plan in January is organizing y’all. We’re going to go into the county parties, we’re going to go into the district parties, and we are going to go to the state conventions of the Republican Party and we’re going to take over all 50 states.”

“The Republican Party, I just want them to hear this message. Look at this crowd. We are the people you must represent or we’re going to replace you with patriots,” he said. “And the last thing I’m going to say is that we have God’s favor.”

“This, the sun coming out like this? It’s God,” he said. “To God be the glory.”