Student Sues School for ‘Indoctrination’

A high school senior in Nevada says he was forced to “unlearn” traditional values in two mandatory courses. Now, he’s suing the school. Nevadan high school senior William Clark was allegedly forced to reveal his “racial, sexual, gender, and religious identities” in his “Sociology of Change” class — a mandatory graduation requirement. Now, he and his mother Gabrielle Clark are suing the school. In a lawsuit filed on Dec 22, they allege the taxpayer-funded charter school violated their Constitutional rights and created a hostile environment when they forced William to participate in “coercive, ideological indoctrination.”

His mother asked if he could opt-out of the class and instead take an alternative class, do extra credit work, or even take a virtual class at a local community college. These requests were denied by the principal and executive director Adam Johnson. He said Clark could choose not to attend or do the coursework but that would mean he would fail the class and be unable to graduate high school. Clark’s mother said her son was told to “unlearn” the Christian values he was taught at home and when they fought back, the school retaliated by threatening to jeopardize his graduation.