Baskin closed her Facebook post saying she would pray for the person who covered her car in notes and hopes “that the darkness in their heart is replaced with unconditional love and happiness.”

Her first initial post about the incident was posted on her Twitter account, Oct. 26 and has since gone viral. As of writing it has garnered over 108,000 favorites and over 48,000 retweets.

The university has issued a response to the incident and said they have referred it to campus police to follow up.

“”The University of Kentucky and Transportation Services deeply regret that a student was subjected to this as there are many reasons an individual may have an ADA accessible permit that may not be readily observable,” Jay Blanton, of University of Kentucky Public Relations and Marketing, said, LEX18 reported.

“It’s important to be clear: this unfortunate action was that of a rogue individual unaffiliated with Transportation Services or our police department,” Blanton added.