The stunning Lego shapes of imagination

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January 3, 2017Entertainment
The stunning Lego shapes of imagination

US-based John V. Muntean has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and works as a spectroscopist in a laboratory but still finds time to play with LEGO! This amazing piece can take form of a butterfly, jet or even a dragon! It all comes down to the angle you choose.


Knight Mermaid Pirate-Ship

One of LEGO’s key brand communication pillar is that LEGO is the building blocks of imagination. We demonstrate the power of imagination with a LEGO sculpture that casts three very different shadows depending on the angle of the light source. Using perception-based lighting and 41,883 LEGO bricks, we created a multi-dimensional installation. It appears to be nothing more than an abstract LEGO sculpture. However, when the sculpture is rotated, the amorphous shadow morphs into three very distinct and recognisable shape.