Suing Big Tech to Stop Its Web Ad Dominance—Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Big Tech Censorship

“This is a country about ideas. People had differing ideas … They didn’t always agree on the ideas. We’d have … vigorous debates. But ideas were never cut out,” says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, concerned by Big Tech’s expanding control of information and censorship of conservative voices.

Texas is one of many states suing Google for allegedly breaking antitrust law in its online advertising operation.

“They have almost total dominance in the advertising part of [the internet] … They also control the search engine for that. So there are lawsuits, not only by my state, but other states … trying to open that market up,” adds Paxton.

But when we’re facing off against organizations with wealth and power that would rival many nations, what are the chances of legal success?

Whatever the odds, the conviction that our constitutional rights are God-given rights brings strength and purpose to the concerted stand being made against Big Tech hegemony.

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