Symmetry and Poise, Classical Chinese Dance Fascinates New York Audience


NEW YORK—Shen Yun Performing Arts exhibited symmetry and poise at Lincoln Center on March 8, entertaining audience members with its presentation of classical Chinese dance.

“I love it,” said Dan Livingston, president of Livingston Electrical Associates. “Just amazing flow of sound, and color, and dance all flowing together.

“Beautiful symmetry and poise. It’s absolutely spectacular.”

“I think it’s a message of balance and symmetry, you have color and art, music and dance, and philosophy,” said Livingston. “They all merge together at their limits. And so philosophy is a study of thought and reason, and I think the dance expresses that.”

Appreciation and Fascination

Traditional Chinese dance has been passed down and refined for thousands of years. Those that experienced the dynamic performance expressed appreciation and fascination.

“I think they’re wonderful,” said Livingston. “It’s a really beautiful art form. And I think there’s something to really appreciate from such an ancient culture.”

“The performers are amazing, they really are,” said Scott Sear, a police detective. “Just to watch them, they way they tumble and everything, it’s fascinating to watch. Very enjoyable show.”

“The colors, the music, everything’s been fantastic,” said Sear. “I love it, and the whole backdrop, the way they do everything in the backdrop is just absolutely amazing. Really enjoying it a lot.”

Beauty and Clarity

The vibrant production displayed colorful beauty and moments of clarity.

“My eyes are wide open,” said Marketing Operations Manager Tony DelDuca, at Jersey Peak Media. “I’m absolutely excited, and lifted by the whole experience.”

“The talent, and everything they shared with everyone,” said DelDuca. “I absolutely appreciated it. I saw the heart and the soul, and the effort that they put forth for everyone, and I completely appreciated it.”

“In a time where people are so full of instant gratification and to be wowed,” he said. “It’s nice to slow down, and just appreciate beauty, and the dance, and the colors, and just to appreciate it.”

“I have goosebumps now, I completely feel energized from it.”

NTD News, New York