Taiwan Drill Simulates Repelling a Foreign Invasion

Taiwan’s military is kicking off the week with a bang. with troops carrying out live-fire drills on the island’s southern coast Monday.

In a simulation focused on repelling a foreign invasion, camouflaged Taiwan army Humvees roared around the area. Firing off US-made anti-tank missiles to destroy static targets near the shoreline.

“Most of the drills we carried out today involved live artillery because the defense exercise needs to be similar to actual combat, allowing our army to be confident and have the capability to protect our homeland.”

The coastal town of Fangshan sits at the southern tip of the island and holds strategic importance. It looks out onto the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Bashi Channel. Proving useful for keeping watch on Chinese military activity as well as making it a potential landing site in an invasion.

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