Taiwan vs. Ukraine: How Are They Different

A nuclear threat on Ukraine, sanctions on Russia—as Ukraine battles its powerful neighbor, Taiwan is under pressure from China. But will a Taiwan invasion be next?

Beijing has been slow to evacuate its nationals from Ukraine. But while China suggested they hide their identity inside the war-torn country, Taiwan put its national flag on its evacuation bus.

Hong Kong’s largest-yet pandemic outbreak sees spiraling new virus numbers. A sharp jump of nearly 10,000 new infection cases were reported on Monday.

And for those watching our full episode: A number of Indo-Pacific military drills are in play. Two of them come from Beijing, while one is hosted by India—and joined by the United States and 40 other countries.

How will Russia deal with Western sanctions? NTD talks to experts to get insight on whether President Vladimir Putin might look to China to dull the financial impact.

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