Teen boy uses crime movie strategy to escape kidnapper

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Who would have ever thought that watching movies can pay off big time?! A kidnapped teenage boy was taken by his abductor while he was on his way to school his way to school in the Sichuan province of China. It was ideas inspired by his watching of crime movies that allowed him to escape!
The kidnapper threw the 13-year-old in the back of his van, brought him to a remote location, and bound and gagged him in an abandoned building. The kidnapper then called the boys’ parents and forced their son to tell them he had been kidnapped. The criminal made the boy tell his parents not to call the police, and demanded a ransom of $20,462.
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At one point, the boy tried to escape after finding a way to untie himself when he thought the kidnapper had left, but that was not the case. His abductor had not left and caught him just outside of the building he was keeping him in. Tied up even more securely and thinking the kidnapper had actually left for good this time, the boy shouted to see if he would get a reply. When he didn’t hear an answer, he fled, still tied up. He finally found his way to a neighborhood that was nearby and was rescued after a resident called the police. The kidnapper was arrested that same day at a cyber cafe just hours later.