The terrifying power of nature: Storm chasers capture staggering tornadoes wreaking havoc

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January 10, 2017Entertainment
The terrifying power of nature: Storm chasers capture staggering tornadoes wreaking havoc

THESE terrifying videos show the awe-inspiring and destructive power of nature.


A huge tornado rips through Wray County in Colorado

Five people were injured and buildings were damaged when a series of huge tornadoes hit Colorado, USA.The jaw-dropping phenomena occurred in the east of the state at shortly after 1.30pm local time yesterday, with at least four tornadoes striking around 62miles to the east of the city of Denver.

One of the twisters travelled around 15mi through Wray County, leaving a trail of wreckage, before dissipating.

Five people suffered minor injuries, three homes were destroyed, one business was damaged and the US385 Highway was closed due to downed pylons and structural damage.


Thrill-seekers got perilously close to the dangerous tornado

Another tornado around 62mi to the north caused havoc in a trailer park, damaging around a dozen camper vans and leaving some people with minor injuries.As well as the tornado, the camp was also subjected to hail the size of tennis balls.Thankfully the Morgan County Sheriff department said most of the trailers were empty when the tornado hit and that nobody present required medical assistant.

Incredible footage taken by dare-devil storm-chasers shows the Wray County twister tossing debris as the cameraman drives towards the terrifying scene.Shouting over the roaring wind, another thrill-seeker shouts to the cameraman: “Keep going!”Despite the danger, the pair continue driving at full speed towards the tornado even as the wind picks up speed.On the side of the road, power lines sway and debris spins through the air.

For several seconds the storm-chasers race alongside the twiser before being forced to stop when it expands and blocks the road.


Around 1,200 tornadoes strike the USA every year

Another video shows people watching the storm on foot, with one nervous onlooker saying: “Yep, it’s coming right back at us again.”Around 1,200 tornadoes strike America every year, causing an average of 80 deaths, 1,500 injuries and millions of dollars worth of damage.