Texas Mother Kills Three Children and Herself After Divorce Finalized

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By Justin Morgan
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Texas Mother Kills Three Children and Herself After Divorce Finalized
Police tape in a file photo. (David von Diemar/Unsplash)

Three young children, ages seven, nine, and eleven, were shot to death by their mother before turning the gun on herself, in an apparent murder/suicide that took place inside the family’s home in Deerpark, Texas.

According to ABC13, the mother, 39-year-old Ashley Auzenne—only days after a divorce had been finalized from her husband, Murvin Auzenne Jr.—shot to death her three children, 11-year-old Parrish Auzenne, 9-year-old Eleanor Auzenne, and 7-year-old Lincoln Auzenne.

The bodies of the young children, along with the mother, and a gun, were found inside the family’s New Orleans Street home Tuesday morning, after family members contacted police and requested they conduct a welfare check.

The grandfather of the young children, Murvin Auzenne Sr., told reporters he is deeply saddened by the incident.

“They were kids you wanted to have around, they really were,” he said. “They played well, they talked to the adults. They’re amazing children in all kinds of fantastic ways.”

On Thursday the deaths were ruled a murder/suicide by the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office, with Ashley listed as the suspect.

“The family has all rallied around my son, Murvin,” said Auzenne Sr. “Our focus is only on one thing: helping through this difficult time.”

Neighboring parents also showed concern over the effect the murders could have on classmates of the Auzenne children at Deer Park Elementary where the three went to school.

“It really makes me mad, to be honest,” said one Deer Park Elementary parent Chris Pierce. “It’s just amazing how it affects everybody whether they go to school with them or not.”

Mom Charged With 1st-Degree Murder After Shaking 5-Month-Old Son to Death

In another case of filicide, a 5-month-old baby boy has died after authorities say he suffered a severe brain bleed from abuse.

The baby’s mother Burgandie Marquez, 30, was arrested on the afternoon of Sept. 29, by detectives with the Crimes Against Children Unit.

Burgandie Marquez
Burgandie Marquez, 30, was arrested by detectives with the Crimes Against Children Unit, on Sept. 30. (Courtesy of WFTS)

On Tuesday night, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office charged Marquez with first-degree murder.

During an interview, Marquez gave contradicting statements before admitting she was too “rough” with her son, according to detectives.

Marquez told authorities that on Thursday, after she became enraged during a phone call with the baby’s father, she intentionally jerked the 5-month-old up from the ground twice causing his head to snap backward. She told detectives she then picked the child up and ran up and down a set of stairs, allowing his head to bounce without support.

On Friday morning, Marquez says she noticed the baby was having seizures. Detectives say instead of seeking medical attention, she tried consoling the baby.

Later that day, Marquez traveled to Pasco County with the baby to meet with his father. She stopped at a gas station when his condition got worse and he was airlifted to St. Joseph’s for life-threatening injuries.

Staff at the hospital told detectives the child suffered a severe brain bleed caused by head trauma.

The 5-month-old boy was placed on life support, but taken off of it Monday afternoon, according to detectives.

Witnesses told detectives the baby appeared to be fine on Wednesday. Marquez was the infant’s only caretaker between Monday and Friday, according to detectives.

Marquez was arrested and taken to the Pinellas County Jail, where she remains.

The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct an autopsy later. The date of the autopsy was not released at this time. Detectives will determine after the autopsy if they will upgrade the criminal charges for Marquez.

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