Texas Police Patrol the Border

Police in Texas are protecting the border.

Officers with the Los Indios Police Department monitor an area close to the Rio Grande river. They keep an eye on border activity to keep residents safe.

“We are about half a mile away from the levee, and the river is also half a mile too, so this is one of the common areas we also patrol,” said De La Rosa, an officer of Los Indios Police Department.

The terrain of the land near the river makes patrolling a challenge.

“You don’t know who you’re interacting with in this area. The terrain, also, makes it hard for us to go in some of the vehicles that we have, so there’s a lot of challenges that we try to address and prepare ourselves better for that,” said De La Rosa. “There’s a first line here, you know, from the United States.”

Police will be meeting with emergency management as the migrant caravan approaches the border.