‘The Hills’ Reboot Helps Mend ‘Horrific’ Relationship Between Star Stephanie Pratt and Brother Spencer

By Tiffany Meier

Stephanie Pratt, known for her role in the reality TV series “The Hills,” is opening up about her relationship with her brother, Spencer Pratt, in a new interview with Fox News.

In the interview with Fox, Pratt explained how the new reboot of the MTV show “The Hills” has helped mend a rocky relationship with her brother that intensified during the first six seasons of the show.

The two starred together in the reality TV show, which aired from May 31, 2006 to July 13, 2010.

“We haven’t spent time together in nine years,” she told Fox News. “I live in London. I’ve come back for ‘The Hills’ and it’s kind of just re-introducing us to each other and the world. We’ve lived such different lives, and we left ‘The Hills’ very broken.”

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Spencer Pratt first appeared in the second season of “The Hills” as a supporting character and stayed until the series ended with season six.

Stephanie Pratt joined the cast in season three, also as a supporting character. However, for season six, she became one of the main characters.

She said when “The Hills” ended in 2010, her family “was pretty much destroyed.”

“There were years my parents didn’t speak to Spencer,” she said. “There were years where I didn’t speak to Spencer or my parents, and I moved to London, and if it weren’t for [‘The Hills: New Beginnings’], I still wouldn’t be speaking to my brother.”

Last year, on an iHeartRadio podcast titled “Pratt Cast,” Stephanie Pratt spoke about how she learned about her brother and his wife expecting a baby through a DailyMail story on her birthday, according to E! News.

“I think the headline was ‘Stephanie gets the best gift of all,’ which was just like a horrible shock,” she said. “[Their] child just turned one and I have seen him five times. I held him once. It’s horrific, but I’m still in a good mood. It’s all good.”

Despite the siblings’ relationship falling apart after the original show, Stephanie Pratt said she’s still her brother’s biggest fan.

“A long time ago, he told me that he unsistered me so I don’t think I’ve been sistered back. It’s been awkward,” she said. “Even when he told me I was adopted at like 12, I still love him and believe everything he’s said. I’m his biggest fan.”

However, with “The Hills” reboot, the siblings have reconnected and started to work on their relationship.

“It’s so funny because the original ‘Hills’ broke us up, and now the new ‘Hills’ has totally brought us together—geographically, emotionally, and physically,” she told Fox News.

Despite everything working out so far, Stephanie Pratt said she did have fears it would end up a disaster like last time.

“There were times that I didn’t want to be on [‘The Hills: New Beginnings’], that it was too much,” she said. “I was worried it was going to destroy my family all over again. Spencer felt the same way. Spencer and I are both so honest and opinionated, and fiery—it’s almost a recipe for disaster if it goes bad.”

She added that fans will get to hear more behind-the-scenes stories on the podcast “Pratt Cast.”

“The first month, month and a half is really rough, and we’ll definitely be getting more into what wasn’t shown, and what really was going on,” she said.

As for the reboot series, Stephanie Pratt revealed a little of what fans can expect in upcoming episodes.

“I think people are expecting to see a more mature side of everything,” she said. “It’s mature in the sense that we all have houses but yeah, that’s it. It’s been crazy. I’m already ready for a break.”

“It’s definitely heavy [on the drama],” she said. “The stakes are a lot higher. It’s way more intense. We haven’t seen each other in years, but we’re in this weird friend group where even though we haven’t seen each other in years, we’re still like a family and know everything about each other—I mean it’s dysfunctional. The drama is off the charts.”

She also explained that, “Everything thinks [the reboot will be scripted], but from being on ‘Made in Chelsea,’ I can say this has gotten so real and we’re only a few episodes in, that I would do anything for a script.”

“The Hills: New Beginnings” will air sometime in 2019. An official premiere date has not been announced yet.