The US Is Finally Waking Up to China’s Hostility

Simone Gao: So do you think the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear treaty and the establishment of the Space Force will force China into an arms race with the U.S.?

John Lenczowski: Well, I don’t think it’s going to force this, force such a competition. China has been engaging in this military buildup for many years now. They’ve been doing it stealthily, and China faces no serious military threat. It never faced a military threat from the United States. The United States has had vast military superiority, nuclear superiority over China. We have never used this to dictate our political conditions to China. But China, now all of a sudden, is—the Chinese regime, the Communist regime has been propagandizing its people and its military to consider the United States the main enemy. Why are we an enemy? What have we done? What have we done? Nothing except help China. So if China is going to start considering us to be an enemy, and if it is building its armed forces, anti-satellite weapons, hypersonic missiles, a neutron bomb, a blue-water navy, and massive building of nuclear weapons, their so-called “underground great wall,” which is probably hundreds if not—up to 3,000 miles of tunnels where they are hiding their nuclear arsenal. What’s this for? Where’s the threat? If this is the way the Beijing regime wants to consider the United States, then we have to be very careful. We have to protect ourselves. We are finally waking up to the realities that China is hostile to us. And it’s not a good policy for the Beijing regime to be antagonizing us. It’s not a good policy at all.