‘They’re Going to Exploit Every Loophole’: Ross Kennedy on China Buying Up US Farmland

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 17, 2022China in Focus

In this special episode, we sat down with Ross Kennedy, founder of U.S.-based logistics and supply chain advisory Fortis Analysis and senior fellow at Security Studies Group. He sheds light on why China is buying up U.S. farmland, zooming in on the Chinese corn mill project in North Dakota by the Fufeng Group, and how a federal agency just ruled it has no jurisdiction over that purchase.

Kennedy noted: “Whenever these Chinese companies come to the United States with the promises of economic development, they’re exploiting gaps in our own industrial manufacturing and infrastructure base. So in the case of the Texas wind farms, it was that that part of Texas can be pretty deficit of energy at certain times of year, and the tax credit structure for wind farms, the need for additional energy in that part of the state of Texas, all of that was exploited to say, ‘Well, you really need these wind farms. We’ll buy this land, we’ll take on the burden of building it, we’ll put energy back into the grid.'”

As for what can be done, he suggested: “Citizens have, depending on the state, a lot of ability to influence their local political leaders—their state representative, their state senator, even their mayor—to create a groundswell of support for similar sorts of legislation in each state. You’d love to see these things happen in Missouri, happen in Louisiana, happen in California, happen in the Dakotas. As these things become known to the public, citizens that have the ability to should take action, they should demand that similar legislation be passed in their own states, and be a part of making sure that that legislation works and is targeted correctly.”

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