This is how to bath a porcupine

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This is how to bath a porcupine

Bathing your hedgie

One of the basics of pet hedgehog care is how to bathe one. Most pets eventually need to be cleaned. Even if they’re good self-groomers, the realities of their day to day existence will sooner or later result in dirt and grime beyond their ability to remove themselves. If you’ve got a pet hedgehog, you’ll probably want to bathe your hedgie a few times a year to keep him from getting too smelly.

Here’s what you need to bathe your hedgehog:

  • A gentle baby shampoo/conditioner combo product – preferably of the “no tears” variety (hedgehog’s eyes are sensitive)
  • A dedicated nail brush you use ONLY to bathe your pet hedgehog
  • A clean hand towel
  • A kitchen sink with drain plug

How to Bathe Your Hedgehog:

  1. Insert the drain plug and fill the sink with about 1.5 cups of lukewarm water (make sure the sink itself is clean first).
  2. Mix one ounce of the shampoo/conditioner combo into the water to make suds.
  3. Gently lower your pet hedgehog into the water, face up (you don’t want him to drown!)
  4. Let your pet soak for a few minutes. He’ll probably try to get out of the water, so just gently hold him there. He shouldn’t freak out too much.
  5. Look for any spots on the quills, and apply extra shampoo to those spots, using the nail brush to gently rub them out, going in the direction of the quills.
  6. Gently wash the furry parts of your hedgehog with a washcloth. Make sure to clean their face with the washcloth, but keep the water out of their ears.
  7. Lift your pet and drain the sink. After draining, rinse him off with lukewarm water coming out of the faucet, moving in the direction of the quills to get all the shampoo off.
  8. Dry off your hedgehog using a warm towel. You won’t be able to get him completely dry this way, but do the best you can. After drying, give him another warm towel to snuggle up in, where he can lay down and rest and continue drying off away from drafts. It’s best to keep the hedgehog in the towel on your lap while you watch TV for a few hours afterward. It’s a great time for the two of you to bond!

Don’t let your pet get too cold, because hedgies are susceptible to pneumonia. Keep him warm and he’ll stay healthy!

Hedgehog care always involves knowing how to have a clean hedgehog. You wouldn’t want to be dirty with no way of getting extra clean, and neither does your pet. A clean hedgehog is a happier hedgehog, and more of a joy for you to be around!