Top China Official Accused of Sexual Assault by Tennis Star; What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?

China’s highest-level and by far most astounding #MeToo allegation is currently rocking the country’s political scene.

In a cut-throat, elitist, male-dominated society, why would tennis star Peng Shuai risk her life and livelihood to level allegations of sexual misdealings against a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “untouchable” Zhang Gaoli, who was once the equivalent of China’s vice president?

There would have to be powerful forces, be they personal or political, at work behind the scenes.

In this episode, I look beyond the rigid, steely veneer of the CCP to the toxic and sordid culture of exploitation behind it.

If true, this latest allegation offers a glimpse into the real workings of the ideology—communism—that purports, to this day, to be “by and for the people.”