Traditional Dance Performance Wows Audiences in New York

By Jeremy Sandberg

NEW YORK—Fei Tian College in Middletown New York State inspires audiences and celebrates tradition, establishing a legacy for future generations.

At the Historic Paramount Theatre on April 27, the private college treated families to a grand display of music and dance.

“I’m really surprised to see this kind of quality of performing arts,” said audience member Rose Marie Serrano.

“I’m so happy to be here,” said Jaime Quinn, another member of the audience.

“It’s going to be so great for our city,” she said.

Classical Dance

Fei Tian College in Middletown is known as the first of very few colleges in the nation that offers Bachelor and Masters degrees of Fine Arts in classical Chinese dance and classical ballet.

“Any mom, any child that’s ever interested in dance, this is something you definitely want to watch, because this is absolutely the best of the best,” said Quinn. “If you want to really learn how to be the best at your talent.”

Jaime Quinn
Jaime Quinn at the Fei Tian College at Middletown spring concert at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, New York on April 27, 2019. (Oliver Trey/NTD)

“Talent” is the word that echoed among audience members during the performance of ballet, classical Chinese dance, and musical instruments hailing from the distant past.

“I really like this show, it had a lot of people dancing, and they had a lot of different talents,” said Sofia, one of the younger audience members.


The kids say the performers’ talent inspires them to see their inner potential.

Audience member Julius Veresh was enthusiastic about what he saw presented.

“This is amazing, you should probably see it one day, it is so amazing,” said Veresh. “It makes us kids think, wow, we should try to maybe do that and maybe change the world.”

To parents in attendance, the power of the performance was also a window to exciting prospects for their city and their children’s future.

“For sure, actually we are going to do a walk through with my daughter this summer, yeah I’m not even going to wait for next year,” said audience member Trina Brown.

Classical dance
Classical dance performance at the Fei Tian College at Middletown spring concert at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, New York on April 27, 2019. (Oliver Trey/NTD)

The performance marks the College’s premiere in Middletown, and their first performance since appearing at The Martha Graham Dance Studio in New York last winter.

Fei Tian College Middletown features small classes and individualized teaching with an emphasis on practical skills and a solid grounding in tradition.

Fall 2019 admissions to the college are open on a rolling basis.

With additional reporting by Oliver Trey