Trans Tyranny: The Battle for Human Nature

In this episode of International Reporters Roundtable, we delve into transgenderism. On the surface it seems simple: acknowledging and accepting a marginalized group.

But where did it come from? How prevalent was it just a couple of decades ago? Why is it spreading now, at such a rapid pace? The advertising is everywhere, the flags on government buildings, and explicit books in classrooms.

As a society, when we spend our money and cast our votes, we are helping fund irreversible, sterilizing sex-changes for minors who couldn’t even legally consent to sex mere years ago. We’re seeing therapists suggesting potential suicide, custody stolen from parents, and sex erased from birth certificates.

With our guests—artist turned investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek; UK-based author, photojournalist, and editor Andy Ngo; and moralogy researcher and host Tetsuhide Yamaoka from Japan—we investigate how transgender ideology is being promoted nationally and internationally.

Our discussion will take a deeper look at how this movement unfolded, where it’s headed, and what we can do about it.