Truck Crashes Into Supermarket During Business Hours

A truck crashed into a supermarket named Absolute in Irkutsk, Russia, on Nov. 6.

According to the local police officer, the brakes of the truck failed during descent and the truck driver was trying to avoid crashing into other vehicles.

The truck was coming down a slope almost non-stop and directly slammed into the supermarket wall. Inside the supermarket, the truck can be seen smashing through goods displayed on a multi-layer shelf against that wall.

Various interior and exterior CCTV footage showed how scary and dangerous the crash was.

There was a shopper standing close by, and a staff member organizing the products.

The wall was destroyed by the truck, goods on the shelves went flying in all directions, and people between the wall and the shelves could have been crushed and wounded badly.

Fortunately, only one woman was hospitalized. She was shopping inside the supermarket when the accident took place. Several people helped and carried the wounded woman from the debris.