Trump: Americans United in Thanksgiving

President Donald Trump granted an official pardon to Corn the turkey in a tradition that goes back to President Lincoln.

The National Turkey Federation presented two birds to the White House. Corn and Cob will live out the rest of their lives at Iowa State University.

President Donald Trump wished Americans a “very healthy and happy Thanksgiving,” saying it’s a time to unite in giving thanks to God for the country’s blessings.

“Every American can be united in Thanksgiving to God for the incredible gifts he has bestowed upon us: the blessings of family, community, and this exceptional, beautiful, and great country. It’s greater than ever before,” Trump said.

He thanked doctors, nurses, scientists, and healthcare workers for toiling tirelessly against the CCP virus, noting he’s expecting a vaccine will soon end the pandemic. He also thanked members of the armed forces and law enforcement for risking their lives keeping the country and its people safe.

“We give thanks to the priceless freedoms that we’ve inherited and we ask God to watch over and protect our nation and its people during this incredible holiday and all of the years to come. We ask that of God,” Trump said.

The President reminded Americans that the United States has always been a story of “perseverance, triumph determination, strength, loyalty, and faith,” saying, “we live in the greatest” country and that we shouldn’t stray from the idea of “America first.”