Trump Endorses Former Aide Max Miller Against GOP Rep. Who Voted for Impeachment

Mimi Nguyen Ly
By Mimi Nguyen Ly
February 26, 2021Politics
Trump Endorses Former Aide Max Miller Against GOP Rep. Who Voted for Impeachment
President Donald Trump walks to board Air Force One prior to departure from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, Md., on Jan. 12, 2021. (Screenshot/Pool)

Former President Donald Trump on Friday endorsed his former aide, Max Miller, in his primary challenge of incumbent Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio), who voted to impeach the former president.

“Max Miller is a wonderful person who did a great job at the White House and will be a fantastic Congressman. He is a Marine Veteran, a son of Ohio, and a true PATRIOT,” Trump said in a statement through his Save America PAC. “Current Rep. Anthony Gonzalez should not be representing the people of the 16th district because he does not represent their interest or their heart. Max Miller has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Miller previously served on the White House staff as a senior adviser to Trump. He also previously served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

Miller responded to the endorsement on Twitter: “I am honored to be endorsed by President Donald J. Trump as I begin my campaign for Congress. I will never back down and will never betray my constituents. Join us. We will save America together.”

A release from Miller’s campaign reads, “Growing up in Ohio, Max saw first-hand the havoc wreaked on middle America’s middle-class by politicians who abandoned them in favor of cheap, exploitative foreign labor. He watched the government enable big corporations to sell addictive drugs to struggling people who didn’t need them or know their risks. Max also shares the frustration that Northeast Ohioans have with Congress failing to do the people’s work while it instead spends time playing virtue-signaling political games.

“The people want steel-spined leaders that stand up to all who would take advantage of them – whether foreign adversaries, domestic profiteers, or anti-American ideologues. Max is running for Congress to stand up for Northeast Ohioans and represent their interests in Washington. Unbending and straightforward, Max Miller will be their champion.”

Trump’s endorsement comes shortly after Miller late Friday announced his primary challenge to Gonzalez.

“I’m running for Congress to stand up for Northeast Ohioans. They overwhelmingly voted for the America First agenda,” he said on Twitter. “But their Congressman betrayed them when he voted to impeach President Trump. I won’t back down. And I’ll never betray them. Join me.”

Gonzalez, who currently represents Ohio’s 16th District, was one of 10 House Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching Trump.

Previously, in a statement on Jan. 13, Gonzalez accused Trump of having influenced the events of Jan. 6, when a group of protestors breached the Capitol building in Washington while lawmakers were gathered to certify election results to affirm the victory of now-President Joe Biden.

“The Vice President and both chambers of Congress had their lives put in grave danger as a result of the President’s actions in the events leading up to and on January 6th,” Gonzalez said. “During the attack itself, the President abandoned his post while many members asked for help, thus further endangering all present … When I consider the full scope of events leading up to January 6th including the President’s lack of response as the United States Capitol was under attack, I am compelled to support impeachment.”

Trump on Jan. 6 called on Americans in Washington to “go home in peace” after news emerged that there was a breach at the Capitol building. His message was blocked by social media companies, who accused the president of policy violations. On Jan. 7, both Trump and the White House separately issued statements that condemned the violence that took place on Capitol grounds.

Trump yesterday issued an endorsement for Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.). Moran had voted to acquit Trump at the Senate impeachment trial earlier this month. “Because former President Trump is no longer in office, I voted to acquit,” he wrote in statement on Feb. 13. Moran had criticized Trump for having continued to allege on Jan. 6 that there was widespread election fraud, calling Trump’s action “wrong.”

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