Witnesses Testify in 2nd Georgia Election Hearing

Jackie Pick, a lawyer who volunteered to assist with the Trump Campaign legal case, said that the team received video footage from State Farm Arena’s vote-tabulation center in Fulton County, Georgia.

In the clip, 4 workers stay behind, after the rest of the workers were told to leave. Once everyone left, the 4 workers pulled suitcases with ballots from underneath the tables and counted ballots for at least 2 hours, unsupervised.

After watching the surveillance footage, Georgia State Senator Elena Parent said all of the evidence had been debunked and asked Pick what evidence she had to present to the committee. Pick and other committee members confirmed that the surveillance footage was brand new, and had not been reviewed by anyone prior to this hearing.

Pick said that the monitors were in the roped-off area with the press, and couldn’t see a single ballot or scanner. The only reason they knew the scanners were even there was because an election official told them.

Another poll manager said she saw a batch of absentee ballots that were all pristine with no creasing. They were filled out exactly the same, each with a little white border around the edge of the filled-in bubble.

Mark Amick said he caught an error of over 9,000 votes wrongly going to Joe Biden during the 1st Georgia recount.