Trump: ‘Offers a Prayer of Thanks to God’

President Donald Trump has used his constitutional authority to declare today a national day of Thanksgiving.

He encouraged all Americans to gather in their homes and places of worship to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings. The president also participated in a Thanksgiving teleconference with military members around the world.

He highlighted the courage and generosity Americans have shown over the course of the pandemic and drew a similarity between the first settlers working together to survive and the first responders, essential workers, and countless patriots who have sacrificed for their fellow Americans.

In Trump’s proclamation, he joined Americans in thanking God for the abundant blessings in our lives. He said that as we gather with our friends and family we commemorate the nation’s founding traditions of faith, family, and friendship. And he says we give thanks for the principles of freedom, liberty, and democracy that make our country exceptional in the history of the world.