Trump Reacts to Biden’s 2024 Campaign Launch Announcement

While President Joe Biden said that “our economic plan is working” and “there’s more to do” at a union trade group gathering hours after announcing his 2024 campaign launch, former President Donald Trump had sharp criticism about Biden’s job performance in a statement he released on April 25.

“You could take the five worst presidents in American history, and put them together, and they would not have done the damage Joe Biden has done to our Nation in just a few short years. Not even close,” Trump said.

In a video posted in the early morning hours of April 25, Biden said, “The question we are facing is, whether in the years ahead, we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer.”

“This is not a time to be complacent … That’s why I’m running for reelection,” he said.

Biden targeted Trump and his supporters on April 25 by saying, “Around the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms.”

“When I ran for president four years ago, I said we were in a battle for the soul of America. And we still are,” Biden said.

Biden on His ‘Legislative Victories’

Since January, Biden has traveled around the country promoting what he deems as legislative victories.

Among the measures that he proudly publicizes are the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the $745 billion Inflation Reduction Act, and a $1.7 trillion government spending bill that he signed in December 2022.

Inflation, which reached its post-pandemic peak in June 2022 at 9.1 percent, is now at 5 percent. Rising interest rates implemented by the Federal Reserve to combat inflation; however, have increased the risk of a recession, many economists believe.

“Thanks to Joe Biden’s socialist spending calamity, American families are being decimated by the worst inflation in half a century. Banks are failing. Our currency is crashing and the dollar will soon no longer be the world standard, which will be our greatest defeat in over 200 years,” Trump added. “Real wages have been falling 24 months in a row—in other words, under Biden, workers have gotten a PAY CUT each and every month for two straight years.

“We have surrendered our energy independence, just like we surrendered in Afghanistan, which we had just a short time ago—and the price of gasoline just hit a 5-month high, and it’s going much higher than that,” Trump noted.

Trump said that, under his leadership, America had “the most secure border in U.S. history, by far,” but under Biden, “the Southern Border has been abolished—and millions of illegal aliens have been released into our communities.”

“What’s happening now is beyond belief. They’re coming in from mental institutions and prisons. They are all being emptied. They are being dumped into the United States of America. Many of these people are very dangerous, they are being dumped. We are like a dumping ground,” Trump said.

“Our cities have been overrun with homelessness, drug addicts, and violent criminals, who are being released from jail in mass with no retribution whatsoever, while law enforcement is weaponized against law-abiding conservatives or Republicans, or people they just don’t like. Our children are being indoctrinated and mutilated by left-wing freaks and zealots. The senior ranks of our military have gone completely woke, and our military is suffering greatly.”

Trump added that Biden “has totally humiliated our Nation on the world stage—starting with the Afghanistan disaster, perhaps the most embarrassing event in the history of our country.

“Russia is teaming up with China. Iran is days away from a nuclear bomb—not even thinkable. Ukraine has been devastated by an invasion that would never, ever have happened if I was president—and Joe Biden has led us to the very brink of World War III.”

Biden’s Approval Ratings

Biden announced his reelection bid at a time when his approval rating is hovering in the low 40s, and multiple polls indicate that many Americans believe that he is too old to pursue another term.

“When it comes to age, it’s the same thing that we heard in 2020, right? We heard that over and over in 2020 and if you look at what the president has done these last two years—he’s been able to deliver and get things done, right? Where Republicans are trying to pull us back not move us forward,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a press briefing on April 25.

“As it relates to the polls again, mindful of the 2024 election, and we understand what the polls are saying. I will say this, in 2022—let’s not forget—more Americans voted for this president than any other president in history, and let’s not forget in 2022 the midterm elections, against all odds, this president had one of the most successful midterm elections for a Democratic president in 60 years,” Jean-Pierre said.

Trump shared a different perspective as he continues his quest to win the Republican primary and set the stage for a general election rematch with Biden if the president prevails in the Democratic primary.

“With such a calamitous and failed presidency, it is almost inconceivable that Biden would even think of running for reelection. You know what happened in the last election: they cheated, and they rigged the election. But I promise you this: when I stand on that debate stage and compare our records, it will be Radical Democrats’ worst nightmare because there’s never been a record as bad as they have, and our country has never been through so much,” Trump said.

“There has never been a greater contrast between two successive administrations in all of American history,” Trump added. “Ours being greatness, and theirs being failure.”

From The Epoch Times

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