Trump Supporter: ‘He Has a Duty To’ Invoke Insurrection Act

WASHINGTON—Stewart Rhodes is the founder of Oath Keepers, a non-partisan group of former military, police, and first responders who on Saturday helped with security detail in Washington for Lt. General Michael Flynn and others at a large rally supporting the President Donald Trump. Rhodes was one of the speakers himself.

“I’m just going to tell people the reality is, President Trump, as Commander in Chief has one last chance,” Rhodes said. “He has the absolute power to declassify anything he wants to, he should declassify all the dirty secrets in NSA, CIA, FBI files, and expose all the traitors in this country, all those who are bought and sold to communist China.”

Tens of thousands gathered to join marches and rallies in Washington on Dec. 12, petitioning the government for fair elections and transparent counting. Similar grassroots protests took place every Saturday since the general election at capitols across the 50 states.

Rhodes was in favor of the president invoking the Insurrection Act to fight treason. “They accuse us, like yesterday I saw a CNN report saying it was seditious behavior to file the case from Texas and for other states to join it, that was sedition. So they project on us what they’re doing, it’s massive gaslighting,” he said.

“President Trump has to use what the founders gave him. He is the president. He’s the Commander in Chief. And in their wisdom, they gave him all the tools he needs right there in the Constitution itself,” Rhodes said. “And he has a duty to do it, he must do it now.”

If the president doesn’t, it’s in the people’s hands, Rhodes said, adding that people like him will end up fighting against an illegitimate government.

“It’s very much like the American Revolution. They were dealing with a foreign power through its proxies inside the United States,” he said.