Trump Supporter Says Protests Are About ‘The Soul of America’

WASHINGTON—Pastor Mark Burns met Donald Trump in 2015. “I’ve been on the campaign trail ever since,” he said.

Burns spoke at a rally in Washington on Dec. 12 where thousands gathered at the nation’s capital to petition the government for fair elections, and to show their support for the president.

Similar grassroots protests have been taking place every Saturday since Election Day in the capitals of 50 states. This demonstration before the date when electoral votes are to be cast was expected to be the biggest yet.

“So many Americans believe this last election was not done fairly—there’s just too many holes in that process of the voter count,” Burns said. “It’s difficult for me to believe that Joe Biden had more African American votes than former President Barack Obama.”

“Some hidden collusion took place,” he said.

Burns joined the rally to do what he says he has been doing since 2015, which is to support President Trump and help unite the country.

“This is not at all about Democrat versus Republican; this is literally about the heartbeat, the soul of America, the essence of what the United States is,” he said. “This is literally good versus evil.”

“It’s about, if you’re an American and you believe in the American culture that made us great, then this is what you’re supporting. And we’re supporting President Trump, who is the face of that movement, of keeping America great,” he said.