Trump Supporters Rally in Jefferson City, Missouri
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NTD spoke to Trump supporters who rallied in Jefferson City, Missouri, to protest alleged election fraud.

John Waldrop said he was there to”demand a country that’s free, not subject to being manipulated by fraud or theft.|

He noted irregularities including “polling places that were closed to the observes, the drives that were showing up with additional votes. Opportunities to reload ballots that have already been used. Mail in votes, No IDs required, no signature verifications, all of this are orchestrated in key battle places. It just looks like it was planned and coordinated” and said the American people deserve a full audit.

He added that he believes election protocols need to improve, bringing up election software company Dominion Voting Systems in particular. “It sounds very odd to me that we are using voting systems that originated from Venezuela.”

Rallies in cities across the country have taken place nearly every weekend since the election on Nov. 3 to protest alleged election fraud and irregularities.

Daniel Reifel, a father of three, told NTD that if a recount happens, he believes President Donald Trump would win. “I have no doubt, if we redid the election, had only actual legal voters vote, it would be a landslide for Trump, no doubt in my mind.”

Reifel said he supports Trump because “he’s pro-God, he is pro-life, he is pro-freedom, individual liberty, he is pro-everything that is good that is right.”

Another attendee, Boston Hauser, said “I love this country more than anything, this country means everything to me, to see our freedom being destroyed, the liberty tree is dying.”

Trump and his legal team have filed lawsuits in several key battleground states.